3 Colorado Districts Where Artists Have Left Their Mark

There is something special about the majestic Rocky Mountains that serves to inspire artists to create. It is no wonder that the state of Colorado boasts some of the most distinguished art districts in the world. Here are three especially unique districts that perfectly showcase how artists have left their mark on The Centennial State:

The Trinidad Creative District

Located near the border of New Mexico in Southern Colorado, Trinidad has long been a haven for artists seeking opportunities for honing their trade. Long after its settlement by explorers from Spain, the town still balances the perfect mix of Spanish culture and the spirit of the Wild West. A variety of festivals and events like ArtoCade and TrindieFest focused on the arts attracts visitors from all over the country. A myriad of art galleries provides abundant space for both seasoned and budding artists to show off their masterpieces. In addition to the more formal spaces, Trinidad also features ample pop-up areas to display the latest works.

Denver Downtown

The capital city of Colorado boasts a vibrant and energetic downtown area that fuels creativity. One of the latest downtown ventures is the Dairy Block, a historic area located in the LoDo section of the city that celebrates the area’s uniqueness and art culture. Each artist selected to collaborate on the decor of the Dairy Block, has a strong connection to Denver, with pieces that revere the past and others that invite viewers to enjoy the present and ponder the future. Every part of the Dairy Block bursts with projects and collaborations, from the elevators to the alleyways and everything in between.


Located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, Telluride is more than just a ski town. This charming mountain town is bustling with artists and all of their works. A variety of studios help artists craft their skills and then provide space to showcase their work. From ceramics to painting to music, there is an outlet for every artist in Telluride. A mix of collaborative workspaces brings like-minded people together to bounce ideas off of each other and connect. Because it is an affluent tourist destination, visitors to Telluride are known to shop many of the local artist shops and support the thriving industry.

Colorado remains committed to providing places for artists to put down their roots while their works flourish. It is no surprise that the state continues to be a haven for aspiring and established artists.

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