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3 Compelling Reasons to Give Cross Stitch a Go

Cross stitching has become extremely popular over the last few years. It is no longer just a hobby for older generations but something that people of all ages can try and excel in. Whether you are hoping to customize all the pieces in your wardrobe or just looking to pick up a new skill, cross stitching is a great place to start. 

It’s A Low Barrier Hobby 

Because cross stitching has been gaining popularity, there are many different kits and materials for beginners including blunter needles and easy patterns to follow. There are even in-depth pictures or video tutorials online for you to follow along without needing to leave your room. Learning to cross stitch is also a low barrier hobby because it is relatively inexpensive and repetitive. You only need minimal supplies—fabric, a needle, thread, scissors, and maybe an embroidery hoop—to get started, and once you learn the basic stitch, you can get going right away. 

It Could Boost Your Mental Health 

Creative endeavors can boost your mood, allowing you to express yourself and calm your mind. When you cross stitch, you have endless options for what you could create, unique patterns or designs, and different color combinations, which is great for opening your mind to new possibilities. Also, cross stitching is an engaging activity since you always have something in your hands to work on, so it can be quite relaxing by taking your mind off of any current stress in your life. 

It Could Build Your Self-Confidence 

Cross stitching can also help build up your self-confidence because working on and completing projects will help you see that you are capable of problem-solving, learning new skills, and creating beautiful things. When you are creating, you are trusting your inner self, being vulnerable enough to create what you truly want and put it out into the world. Building your self-confidence through low stakes activities like cross stitching can benefit you in higher stake activities later on. 

If you have been looking for a new hobby, consider cross stitching no matter what your sewing or creative abilities are like. Cross stitch is easy to get into and can provide you with tangible proof of your creative efforts. The skills that you learn while having fun cross stitching will prove to be extremely beneficial in all areas of your life.

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