3 Craft Ideas for Toilet Training

Are you having some difficulty in getting your child interested in using the toilet properly? If potty training your child has been a challenge, there are a number of strategies that can be utilized in order to get them more interested in the concept.

It’s Time to Get Hyped About Potty Training

One great way to do it would be to turn the whole thing into a game or at least make it at least somewhat entertaining for your son or daughter. Believe it or not, potty training-themed crafts can be very helpful in introducing your child to the idea of using the toilet. It doesn’t matter whether a child is male or female, everyone that is of the potty-training age will respond well to things that hold a lot of eye appeal. Hence, there you have the immense effectiveness of utilizing crafts for helping your child master this important life skill.

All Aboard the Potty Train

Is your child interested in trucks, trains, or other types of heavy machinery? If so, your toddler might respond very well to a potty training method known as the “potty train.” In this case, you as the parent can also utilize your craft skills and can construct this train. Potty training-themed crafts can be very helpful. You start by crafting the train tracks by using popsicle sticks. After that, you craft your model train, and for every instance of a successful potty training episode, you move the train just a little bit closer to the end of the tracks. Thus, not only is this great for a child that enjoys trains, but it’s also great for teaching them about setting goals.

Jigsaw Puzzles

One great way to supplement this game would be with jigsaw puzzles. If you can find a jigsaw puzzle of a train and can build it along with your train track game, that can be a great way to also drive home the goal-setting aspect of your child’s potty training progress.

Scavenger Hunts

One of the things you can do to keep your toddler more motivated would be to organize a scavenger hunt for them to enjoy as they continue their potty training success. You can organize this “hunt” with these simple household items related to potty training. Moreover, you also could include items related to trains for them to enjoy as well. Either way, if you turn your child’s potty training into a game, you will be more successful in helping them learn this life skill!

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