3 Ideas for Creating Decorations That Double as Functional Items

One of the main reasons for decorating your home is to create an aesthetically appealing look. Not only can decorations display your style, but they can also double as functional items. Creating decorations that are also functional can save you money in the long run. Whether you have furniture that doubles as storage, use area rugs for sophisticated wall art, or prized collections that can be used as wall decor, the possibilities are endless.

Furniture to Storage

Furniture is meant to be sat in or to put items on, but can also be used for storage. According to SouthGate, you can use storage bins to create a small end table by placing items you don’t need at the moment inside and drape a tablecloth over it to make it look decorative. If you prefer, you can also purchase a horizontal cube storage shelving unit and drape the tablecloth on top of that instead. Think of other furniture in your house that could also double as storage. A coffee table with some drawers can store the TV remote, coasters, and a favorite book. The list could go on.

Area Rugs to Artwork

Area rugs are more than just a decorative piece to put on the floor. The intricate patterns on a rug can look just as good on the wall as they do in your entryway or on your carpet. Area rug artwork can make a bold statement and cover up a large wall to balance out the white space. After purchasing a new area rug, consider turning your old ones into artwork. According to Alyshaan Fine Rugs, it’s good to take into account the weight of the rug, the materials it’s made of, its size, and how you’ll get it to stay on the wall.

Prized Collections to Wall Decor

Collections don’t have to stay hidden or in boxes in the attic. You can display your prized collection on any part of your walls to create beautifully featured wall decor. Whether you have boxes of Russian Nesting Dolls, antique china tea sets, snow globes from your travels, or even a hat collection, you should show off your prized possessions for all to see. Displaying these on your wall can be a great conversation starter among houseguests and really show off something you love and cherish.

Decorating your home while achieving double functionality helps to maintain minimalism and decreases the clutter in your home. Doing so can also create a more presentable and organized home. There is so much versatility involved. Furniture can double as storage, area rugs can transform into artwork, and collections can be displayed as wall decor.

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