3 Style Ideas for Changing Up the Look of Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is not only your sanctuary — it’s a place to express yourself! Retreating to the same decor can be boring after a while. Sometimes, it’s enjoyable to be spontaneous and change up the look of your bedroom. Whether you’re interested in a plain style or a more vibrant color scheme, here are a few style ideas for changing up the look of your bedroom.


To create a neutral style you should use white or gray paint, keeping the colors plain, but still incorporate beautiful decorations. Beautiful decorations can be eye-catching accent pieces that break up the monotony of the neutral tones. Neutral styles are also optimal for homeowners hoping to put their homes on the market. Neutral colors include cream, white, gray and brown. Not only are neutral colors more relaxing, but they promote versatility. Once you’ve styled your bedroom in neutral tones, you can alter the entire look of the room with minor changes to the decorations and accent pieces instead of remodeling it again.


Vintage decor can give a bedroom a hint of mystery and nostalgia. Any style more than twenty years old is considered vintage. The most popular vintage styles are the Queen Anne style of the early 20th century, 1950s pastel patterns and 1960s counterculture decorations. Some vintage items may be old and scuffed, but they can be refreshed with a brand-new coat of paint or a new wood varnish. Search garage sales and antique stores for unique finds that can transform your bedroom. Not all of the furniture has to match exactly. Vintage bedrooms are quirky and eclectic. Choose new patterns for the pillowcase and bedspread that reflect the zeitgeist of the period you’re trying to capture.


You might be spending a lot of time in your room. Bring the atmosphere of the sun-kissed sandy beaches and the rustling leaves of swaying palm trees into your inner sanctum. You can accentuate the base colors of teal, turquoise and sea green with bursts of yellow, orange or magenta. Tropical-print cushions and wallpaper express the motif, as do potted plants. Bamboo chairs and tables are environmentally friendly and sustainable furniture options for a tropical-themed bedroom. You can add to the ambiance with sheer curtains or wicker shades. Textures can be just as essential as color to creating the right look.

Regardless of why you choose to decorate your bedroom, you can’t go wrong as long it makes you feel comfortable. It is your sanctum, after all. So make your bedroom an inviting place that captures your essence.

Decorate your bedroom with decor you made yourself!


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