3 Tips for Working Creatively with Metal

Working with metal is a labor-intensive, dangerous job no matter whether you are an artist or builder of metal. Before you begin to master the art of metalwork, you need to adhere to a few basic rules that will make your experience safer and more enjoyable. Here are three tips for successful metalworking.

Safety First

Metal is a precious material, but it can also be dangerous. Making sure to practice safety when working with metal is important for you and those around you. Wear gloves while you work to avoid getting shards of metal in your skin. Metal is very sharp and can poison you if you aren’t careful. Clean your workspace with the clean as you go method: after you have finished a step in your project, take a break in between steps to clean and clear your workspace. This ensures that shards of metal are not laying around on your table or able to fly around in the air.

Know Your Tools

Using the wrong type of tool on your metal pieces, whether you are an artist or builder, is essential to the efficiency of your project. Tools like hammers, oscillating saws, and CNC machines are some of the most common tools used with metal. If you need to shave metal down by mere millimeters, metal files can help get the job done. For roofing, there are a few different kinds of tin snips for metal working depending on the kind of cut you want to make. Feel free to experiment with different tools to find out what you can do with them. The right tools for you are based on a combination of the task you want to complete, the skill level you have and your budget and space.

Learn Different Techniques

Learning and experimenting with different techniques as a metal worker will help you expand your knowledge and gain credibility. Research different ways to cut, shape, and melt your metal into useful tools and items. You can also experiment with different types of metals, how they melt and cool, and how well they cast in molds.

As a maker or builder of metal, you have a lot of potential to play with. When working with metal, be sure you stay safe, educate yourself on your tools, and have fun experimenting with different metals and techniques as you grow your business or hobby.

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