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Welcome to DIYvinci, where we embrace the transformative power of creativity to enhance well-being, facilitate meaningful connections, and create a positive impact on the world. We firmly believe that every individual possesses a spark of creativity within, eagerly waiting to be ignited.

Our Mission

Through our online platform that encompasses a wealth of resources, products, and community connections, we strive to nourish and support this innate creativity. Our vision for DIYvinci is to cultivate an environment that enables individuals to freely express themselves, delve into unexplored artistic territories, and discover the sheer joy of bringing ideas to life. Whether you're a novice venturing into the realm of creativity or a seasoned artist honing your skills, our commitment is to equip you with the necessary tools, materials, and knowledge to manifest your imaginative concepts.

Our Vision

Discover a world of artistic possibilities in our online store, where you'll find a diverse range of art supplies, craft items, kits, patterns, and more to fuel your creative journey. Enhance your skills or explore new ones with our comprehensive tutorials and courses. At DIYvinci, we believe in the power of community. Join our free and inclusive global community to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds who share your passion for creativity. Engage in inspiring discussions, showcase your projects, seek valuable feedback, and forge meaningful connections with fellow enthusiasts who are as dedicated to self-expression as you are.

DIYvinci's Journey

DIYvinci was founded by Jennifer Parr, a late-diagnosed autistic adult with ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and an anxiety disorder. Jennifer has always felt a strong draw towards creativity, and has used it as a way to cope with struggles and learn more about her inner self.

Throughout her life, Jennifer found that her natural creativity helped her to feel alive and connect with the world around her. However, she also found that many people around her felt unable to tap into their own creativity and express themselves through art.

In her professional life, co-workers would often admire Jennifer’s creative skills and passion, but express feelings of inadequacy in their own abilities. Many people believed that creativity was something you were born with, and that they simply did not possess the necessary talent or skills to create art.

Jennifer wanted to change this perception and empower people of all skill levels to discover their innate creativity and express themselves through art. To do this, she began developing step-by-step craft kits that would guide even the most inexperienced artists through the process of creating something beautiful.

From this initial idea, DIYvinci was born. Today, DIYvinci is more than just a company that produces beautiful art and craft projects; it is a movement that aims to help people improve their well-being, connect with others, and tap into the transformative power of creativity.


An Idea

The idea for DIYvinci was ignited in Jennifer's mind and she began to explore ways to turn it into reality.

Sep 2016


After going through the legal process to start a business, connecting with vendors, and creating a website, DIYvinci went live in September of 2016.


Joined Etsy

DIYvinci was accepted as a seller on the Etsy marketplace in 2017. We have since fulfilled over 1,000 orders as of 2023!


Added the Community & Courses

The DIYvinci community was created, first launched on an external platform and then later integrated into the main website. Plans to add online courses began.


Began to Develop DIYvinci Product Lines

The plan to create our own custom DIYvinci product lines began. 

Our Team

Jennifer Parr

Founder & Creativity Empowerment Orchestrator

Katie Parr

Director of Creative Communications

Cindy Parr

Shipping & Product Manager


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