What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone signed up with DIYvinci to share links of our products to their social media accounts, blogs, or websites. If a user clicks this link and then buys one of our items, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale.

How do I become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate at DIYvinci is easy! Anyone can become an affiliate. All you need to do is sign up for an account on our site and have a PayPal account. Head to the Affiliate Area and register for an account! Don't forget to add your PayPal information in the settings so we can pay you!



Affiliate Area Resources

The affiliate area offers everything you need to keep up-to-date with your affiliate account. Generate referral links, view reports, and stats, keep track of your payouts, and more!

Earn 7 - 25% from each sale

Each month as an affiliate you will start out with a 7% earning rate per sale with the opportunity to earn up to 25% The more people you refer that makes a purchase the more you earn!

Earn from your own purchases

As a DIYvinci affiliate, you are literally paid to shop! You will earn the same amount from your purchase as you would if you referred someone else. 

Host Crafting Parties

Get creative and instead of only sharing links to earn referrals, host a virtual or at home crafting party! Stream a live video and have others follow your example from the comfort of their own home or host a physical party with your friends. The fact that you can earn from your own purchases means you can have all the supplies on hand and have your friends purchase from you at the event. 

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