Artistic Autistics

Support artistic autistic adults

Supports for autistics often evaporate the day they turn 18. Coupled with the fact that many autistic adults are unemployed or under employed this leaves them struggling and feeling invisible. After being diagnosed autistic at age 31, DIYvinci founder, Jennifer Parr, discovered many autistics also enjoy creativity and are artists. Jennifer’s goal is to shine a light on the value of creative works of autistic adults while helping them earn an extra income.

Unique Art Prints Created by global artists

Art has been a part of humanity for years, allowing us to express our perceptions of the world, learn about our inner selves, and connect with others from different backgrounds. Each art piece is as unique as the artist who created it. Add diversity to your home décor by purchasing from autistic artists from around the world. 

100% of Profit Goes to Artists

How does it work?

  • Artist submits their work to DIYvinci

  • DIYvinci agrees to purchase a license

    We purchase a license to sell a specific amount of prints of the artists work. The artist retains full rights to their artwork.

  • The artwork is listed for sale on DIYvinci

    The artwork is listed in our art print category under home décor. Once purchased, it is printed and shipped via a printing partner.

  • Profit goes back into the program

    The sale price includes: The artists price + printing costs + 20% markup. The profit (including any donations & tips) then goes to purchasing additional artwork/licenses from artists and marketing their work.

Submit Your Art

Are you a diagnosed or self-diagnosed autistic adult? Join here Artistic Autistic Zone (  to learn how to submit your artwork!


1. Must be age 18+
2. Must be self-diagnosed or diagnosed autistic
3. Must have a PayPal account or are able to create/send an invoice. 
4. Artwork must be visual and digital. (examples: photography, digital art, a photograph or scan of physical art)
5. Submitted art must be your own original work and not contain copyrighted subjects (Example: Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.) 

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