Inspire Me Jar Ideas

Do you ever feel like you need a little more inspiration to get started on your projects? With DIYvinci’s Inspire Me jars, you can easily create mini envelopes full of inspiring ideas to help get you started. Simply place an idea or project inside one of the envelopes, and then store them in the jar. […]

Acrylic Paint Types

What are the types of acrylic paint?  Heavy Body: Is the thickest type of acrylic paint with a butter-like texture. It is great for retaining brush strokes, layering, palette knife painting, and quicker drying times compared to paint types like oil.  Soft Body: Is a more creamy consistency compared to Heavy body, and allows for smoother application. […]

10 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s about that time of year to start thinking about what to gift your friends and family during this holiday season. Creating a handmade gift not only is personal and meaningful but can save some cash too. Check out these trendy craft ideas: 1. Personalized Ornaments Use Mason Jar Lids Use fabric, images, jute or […]

Top 3 Marketplaces to Sell Your Crafts

Do you make awesome crafts? Maybe at one time, you considered selling your work. An online marketplace is a great option to reach a large audience of interested buyers. Online marketplaces work similarly to how a local art fair works: Each seller is given their own web page to list their products. These listings are not […]

Children’s Birthday Party Theme Ideas

When it comes to children’s birthdays, you either love or hate the party planning of it all. If you’re stuck for ideas for your kid’s next birthday, check out our three favorite ideas – perfect for both boys and girls. Woodland Fairy Fantasy For little girls and boys who love anything make-believe, a woodland fairy […]

Top 10 Facebook Crafting Groups

Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with your friends and loved ones; you can also find communities of like-minded people. If you love crafting, there are plenty of Facebook groups that revolve around your hobby. Here is our top 10. DIYVinci Crafting Collective Members: 57 Join the DIYVinci Crafting Collective. A new place to share […]

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