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How to Garden With a More DIY Approach

Planting a garden is a classic springtime activity. There is nothing like going out on a nice warm day, planting beautiful flowers, and tending your little seedlings and sprouts. If you are looking to enhance your creative skills and give your garden more personality, try to add a DIY touch to your garden. Use Your

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For the Home

How to Decorate Your Home to Create a Calm and Relaxing Space

Since many people today lead incredibly busy and stressful lifestyles, it is important to come home to a relaxing and calming space where it is easy to kick back and unwind. Your interior design theme and decor choices can help to create a peaceful oasis inside where family members can rest and recover from their

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3 Ideas for Creating Decorations That Double as Functional Items

One of the main reasons for decorating your home is to create an aesthetically appealing look. Not only can decorations display your style, but they can also double as functional items. Creating decorations that are also functional can save you money in the long run. Whether you have furniture that doubles as storage, use area

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For the Home

3 Style Ideas for Changing Up the Look of Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is not only your sanctuary — it’s a place to express yourself! Retreating to the same decor can be boring after a while. Sometimes, it’s enjoyable to be spontaneous and change up the look of your bedroom. Whether you’re interested in a plain style or a more vibrant color scheme, here are a

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For the Home

Replacing Your Floor? DIY With These Options

Replacing your own flooring as a homeowner gives you the benefit of being able to work in small batches. Whether you’re working with vinyl, tile, wood or laminate, many DIY products can be applied in small sections and by the square foot instead of installing a whole room at once. However, this type of installation

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A DIYer’s Guide to Working With Epoxy

Epoxy is something you can mix yourself in small batches and pour into molds to create unique and beautiful objects. You can also use it on a larger scale to create faux finishes in unique patterns and amazing colors. Working with epoxy takes great care, good protective gear and quality gloves. Preparing Epoxy Epoxy needs

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