Common Crafting Messes and How to Handle Them

While working on vinyl or another hard surface may be the best way to keep your craft area clean, that’s not always an option. To stay on top of paint spills, glue drips or other messy mishaps, you will need to keep your space orderly so you’re not working against yourself. 

Disorganized Supplies

If your supplies are a jumble, you’ll never find what you’re looking for and may burn precious craft time hunting, or waste your craft budget buying stuff you already have but can’t locate. Do your best to make things visible. For example, if you work with craft paints, seal them tightly and store them with bottoms out so you know what colors you have. Spray paint can be stored with the colored caps showing. If possible, get these storage units off your work surface. Wall-mounted storage keeps your stock visible both for inspiration and easy access.

Floor Stains

If you have a spill, immediately remove as much wet paint from the area as possible by lifting, not rubbing. If you have a spill on the carpet, a putty knife can help you lift any thick liquid paint before it seeps in. Once it soaks into the carpet fiber, try nail polish remover to take away the soaked-in paint. Dab it on with a cotton ball or paper towel, and work from the outside of the stain into the center. The key to stain removal is response time and careful, deliberate cleaning—avoid rubbing, since that tends to just spread it more.

Work Within Containers

When you’re crafting with liquids, it’s a good idea to work inside containers. However, using a container to capture your current craft project can save you a lot of mess no matter your materials. For example, watercolor painters may want to store any open containers inside a simple plastic washtub. If your brush water tips over, it’s a mess but not a disaster. If you make jewelry, you can build a beading tray that helps you capture work in progress so that you don’t have to chase your materials all over your desk. 

Crafting may be your business or your hobby, but with a well-organized space, it can always be your joy. Keeping things visible in your workspace can serve as a terrific reminder of the stock you have so that you can put your crafting time into creating. You won’t lose time or money chasing around for a particular tool or product that you know you have but can’t find. 

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