Crafting Together With Older Members of Your Family: What You Should Know

Many families have older family members who like to do crafts of some sort. Crafting together with older members of your family can be a deeply rewarding experience that you and your kids will remember forever. There are a few things to know before embarking on a creative craft session. Some seniors develop joint problems or back or neck issues that cause them discomfort and limit their movement when performing finer hand motions or when sitting or standing too long in one position. However, you can still enjoy working on craft projects together.

Why It’s Great

When families come together to craft, they enjoy both the crafting activity and the time spent catching up with other family members as an added bonus. Older family members often have a love for various crafts that could include sewing, woodworking, painting, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with older loved ones, and younger children and teens also will have the chance to have fun with their grandparents or another family member.

Building Generational Bonds

Planning a family crafting day is a nice way to build positive generational bonds. Both younger and older family members can participate in this kind of fun adventure that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Choose a craft that everyone can join in at different skill levels. Many older grandparents, aunts, uncles and other members of the family often enjoy reminiscing about their lives in their younger days and feeling appreciated and needed as they share their hobbies and talents with the next generation in the family line.

Their Limits

Some seniors do develop problems with ambulation and may experience stiff joints that could limit how much they will be able to participate in a family craft project. It is not uncommon for older adults to complain of hand- or wrist-related discomforts and stiffness, especially early in the morning or after using their hands more than usual. Senior family members might do better with their hands in the afternoon. Even a chiropractor could help improve their joint strength.

It is important to consider whether any older family members have some type of limits physically before planning a group family fun session. Choosing a craft project that every family member can participate in goes a long way in building strong family bonds that cross generational lines and break barriers.

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