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Spread Kindness

Spread the love with DIYvinci’s first ever Crafty Cards program! If you know someone needing encouragement, congratulations, or even a friendly ‘thinking-about-you’, this card service has your back.

What are you waiting for? Send someone some handmade love today!

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Request a Card

1. Request a card through DIYvinci. Recipients must be located in the USA.

2. Our Crafty Card army will leap into action and create a homemade card just for your recipient!

3. While full names and addresses are required at the time of request, we do not supply these publicly – not even to our Crafty Card makers. All personal information (as well as card quality assurance) goes through DIYvinci staff before sending to your recipient.

Craft a Card

Are you a crafter with a passion for spreading kindness? Participation in our crafty card program is easy!

1. View our card request archives and choose one or more that you’d like to create a card for.
**If there aren’t any current requests available, we do accept generic theme cards as well.

2. Create your card and include a message if desired. 

3. Send the card, the card request number the card is designed for, and an unsealed envelop for the card all in a small padded envelop to:

11010 W. Lancaster RD
Mapleton, IL 61547

We’ll take care of the rest!

Creative woman sitting at wooden table and making greeting cards for her friends, scrapbooking items lying on surface

Card Requests

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