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Seashell showpiece

To make a showpiece from the seashells

Step 1: Collect lots of small and some big seashells either from the store or from the seashore.

Step 2 : To make a flower, gather same size of small seashells

Step 3 : Arrange them in a circular pattern on a big shell.

Step 4 : Stick the seashells with the silicon glue gun. Insert a transparent silicon glue stick in the glue gun.

Step 5 : Put a mini round shell in the centre. The flower is ready.

Step 6 : Stick some shells around the flower which would look like the leaves

Step 7 : For the water fountain, get a long shell and place it vertically behind the flower. stick mini shells underneath each other on the shell.

Step 8 : With the silicon glue gun give the effect of water falling from the mini shells.

Step 9 : Paint the show piece with Oil or acrylic paints.

The Seashell showpiece is ready

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