Easy and Free Way to Organize Your Creative Ideas 

As a creative individual with ADHD, I have an endless supply of random ideas that pass through my head in a day. The amount of digital clutter I’ve accumulated over the years is probably enough to consier me a digital hoarder.

Late last year, I discovered a tool that completely changed the way I organize nearly everything. I use it for my daily to do list, for business documents, as cloud storage, and also for my creative art projects. Not only is it easy to store my actual art files, but I love making inspirational mood boards for future creations. Best part about this tool is that it’s FREE! 

What is this magical organizing app? It’s called Bublup. This app can be used on multiple devices and has a web browser version. It also has a plethora of features such as saving links from around the web, connecting to Google Drive, adding images and files, creating mini webpages out of folders, and organizing all of your content in a way that works best for you.  

Check out how you can create your own digital mood board here:


Want to organize all your inspiration? Sign up for an account here: https://www.bublup.com/join/wgRVRexW

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