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How to Bring a Rustic Farmhouse Feel to Your Kitchen

One of the nicest things about a farmhouse style of decorating is that you can be a bit eclectic with your colors and accessories. Different wood tones and fresh flower tones mean that you can build a kitchen with plenty of color and variety. Here are some ways you can incorporate a farmhouse style into your own kitchen.  

Creating the Farmhouse Feel

To fully grasp the farmhouse feel, consider stocking your kitchen with natural products or items with a hand-crafted feel. Store your favorite kitchen tools in a crock on your countertop. If you need a shelf for your favorite cookbooks, try to find one made of reclaimed pallet wood. Part of farmhouse design is a sense of thrift and making do, so don’t be afraid to look for second-hand pieces. Whether you live in the country or the suburbs, a rustic farmhouse kitchen design allows you to experience that warmth of simple farm life.


Reclaimed barn wood is a popular option when you’re going for a rustic décor. If you’re not into DIY or don’t have the space to take apart old pallets to build your own shelving, look into putting up plain wooden shelves for storage and stocking them with reclaimed barn wood crates. If you need to update your kitchen floor, why not add a click-together vinyl wooden floor or wood-look sheet vinyl? New sheet vinyl products come in beautiful patterns and will wear for years. Simple wooden countertops and a large enamel sink can also add warmth to your kitchen renovation. 


In addition to crates, try getting away from plastic kitchen tools. Enameled cast iron bread boxes and washtubs can also serve as terrific storage bins and will add charm to your rustic kitchen. You might also want to update your kitchen lighting with fixtures featuring wood and black cast iron for a farmhouse look. Look for towels and dishcloths in simple, primary colors and don’t be afraid to put up hanging pegs where you can display potholders and towels that feature a bit of embroidery.

Part of the warmth of a farmhouse kitchen is that it’s built of everyday things that have seen some use. Additionally, farmhouse style springs from a time when people added a little beauty to whatever they had to work on. Embroidered kitchen towels and a pretty apron can add a charming touch to your farmhouse kitchen and give you a chance to do a little antique shopping.

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