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How to Choose Between Different Kinds of Art in Your Home

The style of your home says a lot about your personality. It also contributes to the overall mood of your home. One of the easiest ways to change or influence the style of your home is through displaying different art pieces throughout your home.

Modern Art

Modern art is known for its bold uniqueness, ambiguity, and strong emotion. There are many different modern art pieces for you to choose from. Additionally, since there are so many modern artists still creating pieces, you can choose to have entirely original pieces in your home. Original pieces are extremely interesting and special because they are one-of-a-kind. Additionally, many modern art pieces are not clear depictions or lifelike recreations. Thus, they are very layered and can evoke a different mood or meaning every single day. Modern art may be the right style for your home if you crave spontaneity, want things that are open to interpretation, and love avant-garde originality.

Vintage Art

On the other hand, vintage art pieces exude a very different aura than modern pieces. There is something very enchanting about vintage pieces because they often hold more history and stories than modern pieces. According to Paper House, vintage pieces of art can give your interior design charm. If you are trying to curate a romantic, dreamy, serene, and polished atmosphere for your home, vintage pieces are often the way to go. Additionally, if you have an older or more vintage, cozy-looking home, vintage pieces can match that aesthetic very well.

Color Coordination

No matter what types of artwork you choose to put in your home, it is a good idea to incorporate color coordination between the different pieces. A color scheme can create connections between modern and vintage pieces that may not be immediately apparent otherwise. This contributes to an overall sense of cohesion that helps tie your home together. When choosing a color scheme for your home and the art pieces inside, Hey There Home suggests that you focus on three to five colors so as to not overwhelm the senses.

While you are choosing art pieces for your home, you are curating your own aesthetic. What you decide on will dictate how you and others feel as soon as they step in the front door. Find pieces that inspire you, that encourage joy, and that you love looking at. Choosing art for your home is an art in itself!

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