How to Create the Perfect Backyard Outdoor Space

The perfect outdoor space encourages you to sit outside with friends and family and visit over a fun beverage or a good meal. These spaces extend your living area in the most natural and comfortable way if they’re done right. Here’s a look at how to create the perfect backyard space.


It’s a mistake to assume that you don’t need to plan your outdoor space in the same way you would your indoor space. Like your home’s interior, your yard only has so much space that you can work with. When planning your outdoor space, consider the purpose of your outdoor furniture, what you want the layout to look like, and which colors work best.

Some factors to consider are how you’ll use the space and who’ll use it. Thinking about these factors provides you with a filter through which you can look at your color and furniture choices, the layout you choose and other important elements.


Your decorating efforts will encompass both your large-scale items, like an outdoor wicker sofa and chairs, but also small-scale items like side tables or lighting. While it may be tempting to overlook the smaller details, your backyard will look better if you don’t. These details not only create ambiance in your yard, but they also say something about you and your personality.

If you’re going to entertain in the backyard a lot, this is something to think about. These pieces can include a decorative, seasonally appropriate wreath, cozy blankets that you throw over the back of a chair and large potted plants. Finally, be sure to remove items, like pool toys, in order to de-clutter the space. A large, decorative laundry hamper or storage chest provides you with a space to tuck these items away.

Outdoor Rooms

Many homeowners forego large interior spaces and trade them for more living space outside. These outdoor rooms extend the home’s living spaces and are usually an outdoor living room or kitchen. Much of the time, at least some of these areas are enclosed, under a patio or a gazebo. 

The best of them also include some common room components. First, they have been set up with a conversation area. These are places where chairs and sofas are clustered. Outdoor coffee tables work well here, too. They allow you to sit with drinks or food while you and yours visit. Second, the best-designed outdoor rooms set apart an eating area. Finally, the most comfortable outdoor room will keep your guests’ comfort in mind. Blankets, fire pits, good lighting and even a music system will make your outdoor room feel homier.

The best outdoor space feels relaxing and private yet welcoming to those who you’ve invited in to share the experience. While each of these outdoor living areas are as individual as the people planning them, they all include some common elements, like good planning, comfortable decorative elements and personal touches.

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