How to Garden With a More DIY Approach

Planting a garden is a classic springtime activity. There is nothing like going out on a nice warm day, planting beautiful flowers, and tending your little seedlings and sprouts. If you are looking to enhance your creative skills and give your garden more personality, try to add a DIY touch to your garden.

Use Your Crafting Skills

Gardening can be more artsy and creative than you think. It makes it so much more fun to garden when you can use your crafting skills to your advantage. Luckily, there are so many different crafts and projects you can complete to make your garden better and more unique.Try to make DIY garden pots, homemade hummingbird feeders, handmade tiered planters, or garden markers. Making your own garden accessories will help put that personal touch to your garden space.

Create Your Own Fertilizer

Making your own fertilizer is not only environmentally friendly, but it doesn’t cost anything. There are several methods you can try to create your own fertilizer. To make your own fertilizer, you can use a handful of things found within your own yard or house. After mowing the lawn, you can use grass clippings by soaking them in water for a week or two to create your own fertilizer. The same method can also be used with weeds. You can also use organic kitchen scraps like eggshells, fruit peels, or vegetable rinds to throw in a composter. Waste will usually need to compost for a few months before you can use it as a fertilizer. When it is ready, you have yourself more homemade fertilizer that your plants will be sure to love.


While woodworking usually takes a bit more instruction than simple craftiness, it is well worth your time to learn if you enjoy gardening. Learning the basic how-to’s with woodworking can give you the skills necessary to create more elaborate and protected garden spaces. For example, with just a bit of instruction, you can make your own raised garden bed. Raised gardens are great because they mitigate weeds, allow for better drainage, and keep unwanted pests out of your garden.

Gardening is such a wholesome, enjoyable activity that is well worth your time. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add some DIY touches to your garden. Whether you use your crafting skills, make your own homemade fertilizer, or try your hand at woodworking, your little garden will have the personality and benefits it deserves.

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