How to Make Any Guest Immediately Drawn to Your Living Room

The chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic has left homes feeling more empty and sad. You may find yourself mourning the times when you could have guests over. However, while you wait, you can use the time to prepare your home for that time when you can have guests. So how do you do it?

Use Light and Color

A great thing you can do is make sure your space is well lit and colorful. A well-lit room makes it seem happy and bright to any guest. When picking a color palette, think about what colors will complement the items you want to have in the room. You can use different colors to complement paintings, wood tones, rugs, or other furnishings. When in doubt, a warm grey can go with almost anything. 

Add Wallpaper

Modern wallpapers are available on many design sites that allow individual artists to upload their own artwork. Unlike before, there are many types of peel and stick wallpaper to choose from. You no longer have to rely upon what a corporation prints. Instead, you can choose mid-century modern designs, pre-Raphaelite patterns, and other gorgeous options. Modern wallpapers come in the option of being easily removable. This makes them perfect for changing up a room without the worry of a decades-long commitment to one design.

Display What you Love

One thing the pandemic has helped emphasize is that space is too important to keep what you do not love or use. If a thing no longer fits in your space, it’s ok to get rid of it! It’s not only ok but wonderful to show your guests the things you genuinely adore. By sharing your enjoyment with your friends, your room becomes more authentic and less like the cold parlors of decades past. Instead of keeping a hoard of kitschy items that just take up space, try putting up just a few decorations of things you genuinely care about. For example, you could put up a few pictures of your family or a piece of artwork that brings back happy memories for you.

Although you might not be able to entertain guests right now, it’s a great time to prepare your home for when you can. After long months without guests, having a well-designed space can make your guests feel happy to be there. Who could help but feel at home and welcome? With the right preparations, you can make sure that your guests have a great experience in your home when they visit.

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