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Find the perfect supplies to bring your project to life with our range of unique and quality materials and tools.

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Expand your creative horizons and acquire valuable skills with our comprehensive range of courses and tutorials.

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Unleash your imagination and bring your dreams to life in your very own creative studio with DIYvinci's innovative digital tools and resources.

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Why DIYvinci?

Fuel Inspiration

Fuel your inspiration with DIYvinci—a creative platform that provides a wealth of resources, tutorials, and a supportive community to help ignite your imagination, overcome creative blocks, and empower you to bring your unique ideas to life.

Enhance Wellness

Enhance your overall wellness through creative expression with DIYvinci—an immersive platform that encourages self-care, mindfulness, and personal growth by offering therapeutic artistic activities, resources, and a nurturing community to support and uplift your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Discover Community

Discover a warm and diverse creative community at DIYvinci, where you can connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, receive valuable feedback, and foster meaningful collaborations that will inspire and elevate your creative endeavors to new heights.

Improve Your Skills

Improve and refine your skills with DIYvinci, an empowering platform that offers a wealth of educational resources, professional guidance, and interactive learning experiences to help you grow, evolve, and elevate your creative abilities to the next level.

Empowering Creativity and Connection: The Vision Behind DIYvinci

Driven by her own personal experiences including her self-discovery of being neurodivergent, Jennifer understood that creativity offers a therapeutic outlet for self-expression, personal growth, and overall well-being. She envisioned DIYvinci as a space that not only nurtured the creative spirit but also fostered a sense of belonging, inclusivity, and support.

Jennifer firmly believed that everyone possesses the potential to unleash their creativity and find joy in the artistic process. With DIYvinci, she aimed to remove all barriers that hindered individuals from exploring their creative side, including providing a wide range of products, tutorials, courses, and an encouraging community.

By placing emphasis on education, inspiration, and connection, Jennifer's vision for DIYvinci was to empower individuals to tap into their inner artist, gain confidence in their abilities, and experience the fulfillment that comes from creating something with their own hands.

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Creativity Cadet


  • Earn Inspire points that can be redeemed for creative rewards.
  • Be among the first to know about new deals & exclusive deals.

  • Create Your Own Social Profile
  • Share Your Art
  • Join Conversations & Groups
  • Participate in Virtual Events
  • Submit Your Own Tutorials
  • Access to Free Learning Resources in the Community




Mindful Maestro

$10 /month or $84 /year

  • Everything in Creativity Cadet
  • 10% off Your Order in the DIYvinci Shop

  • Everything in Creativity Cadet
  • Exclusive Access to the Secret Group on DIYvinci “The Craft Room”
  • Showcase Your Artwork for FREE in our Quarterly Virtual Gallery (Coming Soon)

  • FREE Access to Courses and Virtual Events Created by DIYvinci


Gift a Membership


Creative Visionary

$25 /month or $240 /year

  • Everything in Mindful Maestro
  • Request Custom Supply Orders

  • Everything in Mindful Maestro
  • Create and Lead Your Own Groups in the Community
  • Collaborate with DIYvinci on Our Animated Video Series and Have Your Name in the Credits

  • Everything in Mindful Maestro
  • Get 15% off on Courses NOT Created by DIYvinci

  • FREE Access to the Design Studio
  • FREE Access to the Idea Studio
  • FREE Access to the Digital Asset Library

Gift a Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a trial period or money back guarantee?

No, we don't currently offer a true trial period. However, you can always sign up for free under the Creativity Cadet plan to experience the community and some additional DIYvinci perks.

Due to the digital nature of our membership offerings, we do not typically offer a refund. However, you may cancel at anytime and will retain access to your paid membership features until your membership expires. After your membership expires, your account will be placed back on the free Creativity Cadet plan.

Can I switch memberships?

Yes, you can absolutely switch from any membership level to another. We understand that your needs and preferences may change over time, and we want to ensure that you have access to the membership plan that best suits you. To switch plans, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your DIYvinci account on our website.

2. Go to your account and click the membership tab.

3. Look for an option to upgrade or switch membership plans.

4. Select the membership option you'd like to switch to.

5. Follow the prompts to complete the upgrade process.

Do you need previous skills to get the most out of a paid membership?

No, previous experience or skills are not necessary to make the most out of any of our membership levels. We designed them to cater to creatives of all levels, from beginners to seasoned artists and crafters. All you need is a willingness to show up for yourself and your creative wellbeing journey. 

Can I share my membership with others?

No, memberships are intended for individual use and cannot be shared with others. The benefits and features included in these membership are specifically provided to enhance the experience and offer exclusive perks to the individual member who subscribes to it.

By keeping the membership exclusive to the individual, it ensures that each member can fully enjoy and make the most out of the benefits included in their membership. Sharing the membership with others would not only violate the terms and conditions, but also diminish the personalized experience and unique advantages that come with being a member.

If you have friends or family who are interested in accessing the benefits of a DIYvinci membership, encourage them to sign up for their own individual membership. This way, they can also enjoy the exclusive perks and individualized offers that come with being a member.

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