Project Description


  • Wood Slices
  • Tattoo Paper
  • Twine
  • Glue

Project Details



To start, we'll want to have a design. You can either create this yourself, use stock images, clipart, or a photograph you have taken. Combine the images for each wood slice into one document and print a test page. This way you can make sure you design is going to fit the wood slices. If you are going to be using words then you will need to reverse the image before printing it, otherwise it will be backwards when you go to transfer it.

Place the white sheet of tattoo paper in your printer with the glossy side facing up. This is the side you will be printing on. If possible, set your printer settings as if you were going to print on a glossy photo paper.

Step two

Let the images dry and then cut them out. For my images, I didn't worry about cutting them out nicely as the white background doesn't transfer to the wood.

Take a damp rag or paper towel and lightly pre wet the wood. Then decide how you want your image to appear on the wood and align it accordingly placing the image and glossy side of the paper to the wood. Use your damp towel and lightly go over that with water until you can see your design starting to appear. Allow this to sit for about a minute before pealing the paper away. Your image should now be transferred onto the wood!

Step three

Now we are going to add the twine around the wood slice. I always use more than I think I need, that way I can just cut off the extra. I started by bringing the ends of the twine together and used the loop in the middle of the string to create a knot. Then wrap the ends around the edge of the wood slice and create a loose bow. Use hot glue or wood glue to set the string in place and you know have yourself a cute DIY rustic ornament just in time for the holiday season.

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