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Light Doodle Display Stand - Dry Erase Acrylic

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Brand: DIYvinci

Introducing our Light Doodle Display Stand - the perfect blend of creativity and innovation for your daily life. This interactive display stand features premium, dry-erase acrylic, designed for endless possibilities. With a built-in USB plugin, this display stand effortlessly lights up your ideas and messages, making them the center of attention.

Each Light Doodle Display Stand comes complete with a dry-erase marker and a soft cloth to clean and erase your acrylic canvas, ensuring that your creative journey is both hassle-free and inspiring. The USB plugin offers convenient and energy-efficient illumination, guaranteeing that your messages and artwork shine brightly and come to life.

Embrace the power of expression and transform your space with this versatile display stand. Whether it's a to-do list, an inspirational quote, or a piece of art, you have the freedom to let your imagination flow. This Light Doodle Display Stand is not just a functional accessory but a brilliant addition to your home, office, or any environment where ideas and creativity thrive. Welcome endless inspiration into your life with the Light Doodle Display Stand - because every idea deserves to shine.

The acrylic writing area is approximately 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches.

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