Top 10 Facebook Crafting Groups

Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with your friends and loved ones; you can also find communities of like-minded people. If you love crafting, there are plenty of Facebook groups that revolve around your hobby. Here is our top 10.

  1. DIYVinci Crafting Collective

Members: 57

Join the DIYVinci Crafting Collective. A new place to share projects you’re working on as well as a great source of advice and inspiration. Plus updates on DIYVinci.

  1. Craft, Craft and More Craft

Members: 118k

A chatty community for people interested in any type of craft. Show off your work, share tips and help each other out.


  1. Art and Craft Ideas

Members: 253k

Stuck for crafting inspiration? Look no further. This group is for the random things that inspire art and craft projects.

  1. Craft Hoarders

Members: 154k

Encouraging you to use your supplies. Let’s face it, we all have craft supplies taking up space in our homes so this group is perfect for helping you come up with ideas to get them used.

  1. Don’t Just Pin It, Craft it

Members: 9.7k

We’ve all tried to emulate the gorgeous crafts we see on Pinterest – sometimes with hilarious results. This group is all about celebrating the wins (and the fails) when attempting to craft something you saw on Pinterest.

  1. Craft Living

Members: 23.6k

A hub for crafters from around the world to come together to talk about crafts, ask for business advice or just chit chat about current projects.

  1. It’s Better Handmade

Members: 65.3k

A supportive community of artisans that share, network and inspire each other. It’s all about promoting handmade over mass-produced.

  1. Crafting Mamas

Members: 2.9k

A place to share what’s on your crafty tables. Share current projects and ask for advice.

  1. DIY, Ideas, Projects, Crafts and More

Members: 434k

Post all your crafts, projects and ideas in the biggest group on our list. With members from around the world, this is a great group for ideas and inspiration.

  1. Dollar Tree DIY Crafts and More

Members: 99k

Love crafting but on a budget? This group is perfect for all your budget crafting needs. Get inspiration and show off your DIY projects. It doesn’t even have to be a dollar tree project – anything goes.

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