Top 3 Marketplaces to Sell Your Crafts

Do you make awesome crafts? Maybe at one time, you considered selling your work. An online marketplace is a great option to reach a large audience of interested buyers. Online marketplaces work similarly to how a local art fair works: Each seller is given their own web page to list their products. These listings are not only visible on this page, but are also visible in the marketplaces’ main search functionality.

While there are many handmade marketplaces available, here are our top three picks.

  1. Etsy

    There’s a good possibility you have already heard of or have even shopped on Etsy. Etsy is one of the largest handmade marketplaces to date with over 1.98 million sellers and 35.8 million active buyers. This platform has greatly evolved since it began in 2005. It now offers a user-friendly backend for sellers to list their products, options for marketing, shipping labels, coupon creation, site statistics, and much more. There aren’t any upfront costs to open an Etsy shop. Instead, there is a $0.20 listing fee per item, a 5% transaction fee, and a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee. In total, you are looking at 8% + $0.45 per item in fees. This option is great for those who would rather pay as they earn profit instead of paying up-front.

    Interested in selling on Etsy? Get started here:

  2. Conscious Crafties

    The Conscious Crafties marketplace was founded in 2011 by Karen Thomas after falling chronically ill. Having gone through many challenges, she decided to create a community to help others struggling with various disabilities by showcasing their talents and giving them a sense of purpose and support. This online marketplace for handmade goods is unlike any other. While it is small with only around 2,000 sellers, they have a tight-knit community who understands the struggles of disability and actively support one another through a private Facebook group and a business hub on the website. If you struggle with chronic illness, emotional health, a physical disability, or are a caregiver to someone who is, you qualify to open up your own shop in this marketplace. The cost to use this platform is only $1.25 USD. It offers a plethora of selling tools including coupon creation, shop notices, shop personalization, instant payments, and more.

    If you qualify for a shop and would like to open one, read more here: 

    Don’t qualify? Consider shopping these unique items and support the community here:

  3. Zibbet

    Zibbet was founded in 2007 and now has more than 57,000 sellers utilizing the platform. While this marketplace is similar to Etsy, it differs slightly by offering users their own custom website that links seamlessly with the marketplace. Zibbet has many user-friendly features for sellers including customization, order management, coupon creation, digital download settings, and multi-currency support. To open a shop, choose between their three monthly subscription packages starting as low as $4 a month. A major bonus is Zibbet doesn’t charge a listing or transaction fee.

    Interested in selling your handmade creations? Open a shop here:

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