4 May 2023

Glitter jars can be a great decor piece or used as a calming sensory tool! These are simple and quick to make and can be easily customized to your style. The Supplies Step 1 First, add a little bit of water to your jar. You’ll want to leave more room for glycerin later. Glycerin will […]

Supplies Step One Start by separating out your pom poms by color and size. Then cut off the tip of the cone just enough to be able to fit the base of the star into the cone. You can use a bit of glue to secure the star, but it isn’t necessarily needed. Note: The […]

Supplies Prepare Your Space Be sure to cover your table or workspace with newspaper to make clean up easy. Step One Pour out a generous amount of your first color. In our example, we’ve chosen to use a metallic teal. Using a medium to large size brush, dip the bristles in the paint and start working […]

Step One: Start by removing the inner hoop from the outer hoop and placing the doily in the center of the hoop. Prepare the natural jute by unrolling a few feet. Step Two: Weave the jute through the ends of the doily, bringing it back around the hoop and then back to the doily until you’ve […]

Here is my Acrylic Painting “Autumn Ablaze” done on Canvas size 11 x 14 inch. On a beautiful autumn evening, just before sunset a bright golden yellow orange sunlight spread everywhere. A huge Oak tree in font of my house started shining like the gold. Below the tree, plants embellished with Fantasy like Snowberries and […]

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