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Woman & Family Owned since 2016

Jennifer Parr

[email protected]

Throughout my life, I’ve dealt with a lot of challenges including anxiety, dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, dyspraxia, and autism. It was only when I was creating that I felt a part of me come alive. Once I realized how creating art made me feel, I wanted to try just about every medium available. My enjoyment of art classes and collaborating with other people propelled my idea of DIYvinci. DIYvinci’s ultimate goal is to help others to discover their own creative side and find enjoyment through art and crafting.

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Katie Parr

Director of Creative Communications

I have 10 years of professional experience in retail merchandising, marketing, and media, and bring creativity to a new level as DIYvinci’s Director of Creative Communication. While I don’t explore mediums as much as my sister, I prefer painting with words and love devising clever ways to market to various audiences.

Cindy Parr

Shipping & Product Manager

I have always loved crafting since I was very young. My grandma taught me how to do crewel embroidering pictures. Through the years, I have done plastic canvas projects, knitting on looms, candle making, soap making, rope baskets, paper cutting, and quilling. Helping my daughter manage the stock at DIYvinci has reignited and expanded my creativity. I am dedicated to shipping your order to you as quickly as possible so you can create your masterpiece. 

About Us

Let's be creative

Why the name DIYvinci?

DIY stands for “Do it Yourself.” though, we also like to think it could stand for “Design it Yourself.” or “Dream it Yourself.”.  Here at DIYvinci, we believe art isn’t simply a pastime or hobby for the elite.  Art has been a part of humanity for years, allowing us to express our perceptions of the world, learn about our inner selves, and connect with others from different backgrounds.

Leonardo da Vinci described it best saying, “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

It’s time to get out there and make things happen, and we’ll be right there to help you get started. We partner with a variety of vendors to bring you quality art and craft supplies as well as build pre-planned DIY kits to trigger your inspiration. Ready to begin your masterpiece?

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