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Creativity Cadet

  • SHOP: Earn Inspire points through quests in the community that can be redeemed for creative rewards.
  • SHOP: Be among the first to know about new deals & exclusive deals.
  • COMMUNITY: Create Your Own Social Profile & Showcase Your Art
  • COMMUNITY: Join Exclusive Conversations, Groups, & Events
  • COMMUNITY: Submit Your Own Tutorials & Access Exclusive Learning Resources

Mindful Maestro

$ 10 Monthly
  • Everything in Creativity Cadet
  • SHOP: 10% off Your Supply Order in the DIYvinci Shop
  • SHOP: FREE Downloads of the Entire Digital Library
  • COMMUNITY: Exclusive Access to the Secret Group on DIYvinci “The Craft Room”
  • COMMUNITY: Showcase Your Artwork for FREE in our Quarterly Virtual Gallery (Coming Soon)
  • COURSES: FREE Access to Courses and Virtual Events Created by DIYvinci

Creative Visionary

$ 25 Monthly
  • Everything in Mindful Maestro
  • SHOP: Request Custom Supply Orders (Coming Soon)
  • COMMUNITY: Create and Lead Your Own Groups
  • COMMUNITY: Collaborate with DIYvinci on Our Animated Video Series and Have Your Name in the Credits
  • COURSES: Get 15% off on Courses NOT Created by DIYvinci
  • STUDIO: FREE Access to the Design Studio
  • STUDIO: FREE Access to the Idea Studio (The Imagination Elite Plan a $24.99/month Value)


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