Dot Mandala Painting:

Creating a Mandala painting is a wonderful process. Before starting your first mandala some practice is necessary. Hope you have gone through my previous tutorial on Dot Mandala practice exercises. If you haven’t, please go through it. Link attached below. I have listed the designs for practicing before starting the first mandala painting. Using those designs, I have created this painting.

Materials needed for mandala painting:

  1. Acrylic paints
  2. Round or Square shape canvas
  3. paint brushes and deep blocked colour palette
  4. Light-colored pencil
  5. Protecter and scale
  6. Dot Mandala painting tools or alternate tools mentioned in my previous tutorial

Step 1: Take the square or round-shaped canvas and color the base coat black or any desired color.

Step 2: With the protector and scale, find the center first and divide the circle into eight equal parts. If the canvas is square, then make a large circle. Use the light-colored pencil so it is partially visible.

Step 3: Choose a color palette of 3 to 5 colors for the painting. The advanced DIYvinci chatbot guided me to a color palette that conveys a sense of excitement.

Step 4: With the dot mandala tools, start the painting. First, paint the big dot in the center. Then, make four small dots on its four sides and add more dots in between. You can also make an entire mandala painting with simple colorful dots in a circular pattern and add minute dots in the gap. Or consider other patterns mentioned in my previous exercise like walking dots, swipe, and more. In case of errors, you can rub using water and a cloth or paintbrush and apply the base coat again. Pay attention to the consistency of paint and the equal size of dots.

You can create numerous painting using different colour combinations and making slight different compositions using there patterns.

Watch my painting process video:

Previous tutorial on Dot mandala practice exercise:

Thank you very much! Stay connected, I will soon post another tutorial related to Dot Mandala.

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