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Dot Mandala painting

Dot Mandala Painting: Creating a Mandala painting is a wonderful process. Before starting your first mandala some practice is necessary. Hope you have gone through my previous tutorial on Dot Mandala practice exercises. If you haven’t, please go through it. Link attached below. I have listed the designs for practicing before starting the first mandala […]

Warli Art

This is a digital painting. The idol of Lord Ram in the center is surrounded by people in  Warli art style celebrating the Ram mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony . I’ll be providing insights into the fascinating Indian folk art form known as Warli Art. It is a tribal art indigenous to the Maharashtra state in […]

Flower Pot Greeting Card

This is an abstract greeting card in a form of a flower vase. Each handmade flower cares a wonderful greeting wish. Materials needed: A little flower vase colourful crafting/constuction papers pencil and scissor glue or fevicol Glittering pen or sketchpen Now refer to the steps: Get the two contrasting colour papers. Cut a big and […]

Ombre Gradient Wood Fan

Supplies Prepare Your Space Be sure to cover your table or workspace with newspaper to make clean up easy. Step One Pour out a generous amount of your first color. In our example, we’ve chosen to use a metallic teal. Using a medium to large size brush, dip the bristles in the paint and start working […]