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Ombre Gradient Wood Fan


  • Wood Lace Fan
  • 1st paint color (metallic teal)
  • 2nd paint color (metallic silver)
  • paint brush

Prepare Your Space

Be sure to cover your table or workspace with newspaper to make clean up easy.

Step One

Pour out a generous amount of your first color. In our example, we’ve chosen to use a metallic teal. Using a medium to large size brush, dip the bristles in the paint and start working from the bottom of the fan towards the middle. As you near the middle of the fan and the paint is starting to dry, dry brush your strokes upwards so a little bit of color extends past the middle. Be sure to gently lift the wood fan bones and paint underneath to completely cover the fan. Don’t forget the other side as well!

Step Two

Allow the first paint color to dry for about 15 minutes. Use the same paint brush and don’t rinse out the first color. Pour out the second color (we used metallic silver) and paint the new color on the fan, bringing it into the first color. Let the paint thoroughly dry before attempting to close the fan.

Now you have a stunning ombre gradient fan to show off! For a final touch, you can add a ribbon and charm as well.

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