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Kids Pom Pom Christmas Tree


  • Paper mache cone
  • Christmas pom poms
  • Star topper
  • Glue
  • Foam brush

Step One

Start by separating out your pom poms by color and size. Then cut off the tip of the cone just enough to be able to fit the base of the star into the cone. You can use a bit of glue to secure the star, but it isn’t necessarily needed.

Note: The star does have pointy ends. Be cautious when allowing young children to handle the star. You can use a tinsel pom pom in place of the star if needed.

Step Two

Using your foam brush, dip it in the mod podge glue and paint a little on the cone. Place a pom pom on the glue and hold in place for approximately 20 seconds. Start with the largest pom poms on the bottom and use the smallest at the top.

You now have a fun and colorful Christmas decoration that your child can say they helped make!

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