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Flower Pot Greeting Card

This is an abstract greeting card in a form of a flower vase. Each handmade flower cares a wonderful greeting wish.

Materials needed:

  1. A little flower vase
  2. colourful crafting/constuction papers
  3. pencil and scissor
  4. glue or fevicol
  5. Glittering pen or sketchpen

Now refer to the steps:

  • Get the two contrasting colour papers. Cut a big and small flower shape on each paper. Stick the centre of the small flower on the big one. Write down the greeting message on the flower with Sketchpen or glittering pen. Bend the tips of the flower upwards. Likewise make more flowers of different colours
  • Make a stick with green coloured paper and attach the flower.
  •  For the quilling rose, draw a spiral design on a square red colour paper. Close the end with the outer circle of the spiral. now cut the paper by following the lines. start quilling from the outer pointed tip. A rose shape will form when it with reach the centre. Visit the link :
  • Get a flower vase and paint it if needed. Paint the special occasion wish and your name at the bottom.

Hence, the greeting card flower pot is ready.

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