To make a handmade portfolio, you need mount/hard board, colourful handmade paper, white paper, scissor, Paints, double-sided tape, photo of yourself, 2 inch Bob tape/ good quality tape, glittering pen, Gum/Fevicol.

Step 1: Cut the 2 pieces of mount board in the size which is bigger than your artwork’s size. Then cut 1 piece for the thickness of the portfolio according to the width. Gather all the count out forming like a book. Join all the cut with the 2 inch a good quality tape which sticks well.

Step 2: Cut 3 mount board strips of 2- 4 inch for the other 3 sizes of portfolio. Stick them with the tape inside the portfolio where the artworks are placed. Stick them in such a way that it opens up like a box. This will protect the paintings from falling down.

Step 3: On the front page of portfolio we have to write the name for the portfolio, stick our photograph, make a small painting, an index/listing of artworks. So divide the space into four parts accordingly.

Step 4: Select a creative name for the portfolio. I have given “Endless Journey”. Write or paint using creative thick calligraphic font on a paper. Cut the name with fine equal edge. Stick on a portfolio using double-sided tape.

Step 5: Take a paper. Paste your photograph on it leaving 1 0r half inch boarder. Paint a frame on the border. Make patterns and designs. Paint with contrasting colours or delightful combination of colours. Use creativity.

Step 6: Take a long strip of a colourful hard paper and fold from two sided creating a door like shape. In the centre stick a white paper and write index. Here you can list all the artworks which are kept in the portfolio.

Step 7: For the remaining space, make a painting on another paper of that size. The painting should reflect the theme of the artworks. Then stick on the portfolio.

Step 8: Decorate the space with designs, borders using glittering pen and other materials. Stick the colourful handmade paper on the other sides of the portfolio. Write your name besides the photo frame.

Step 9: Make thread lock at the bottom of the portfolio.

Your Art portfolio is ready.

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