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Dot Mandala Painting excercise

Mandala painting is a beautiful and meditative form of art that involves creating intricate patterns using dots. Many dot mandala tools are available online that you can buy. Nail paint tools and clay modeling tools are also used for this purpose. If you don’t have any of these tools, you can still paint using the backside of a pencil with rubber tip, cotton buds, toothpicks, bobby pins, etc.

Before you create a Dot Mandala Painting, practice is necessary. The dots have to be precise, all of the same size, and at an equivalent distance from each other to create harmony. The precision of applying the same pressure in each dot comes with practice. Here is an exercise chart. Once you master these designs, creating mandala paintings will be easier. You can make many beautiful mandalas using these designs.

Materials needed:

  • Plain paper of good quality.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Dot mandala tools.
  • colour palette.

Now Practice each designs for several times to master it.

Exercise 1: Place dots of the same size at an equivalent distance in a line. Pay attention to the amount of paint you get when you dip the mandala tool. Remember, each time you dip the tool in paint, the dots should be of the same size.

Exercise 2: Walking dots are created by placing the same tool, overloaded with paint, in a sequence which will lead to decreasing size dots.

Exercise 3: Create a pyramid using the one tool. The dots should be at an equal distance.

Exercise 4: Make a big dot. Take a small size tool and place four dots around it in four directions.

Exercise 5: After the four dots done according to exercise 4, place two dots between those dots.

Exercise 6: Using an even smaller tool, make four small dots in four directions. Then place one dot in the center of those dots, followed by two dots in between.

Exercise 7: First make a big center dot. Then paint a small dot above it. Take the tool for walking dots and paint walking dots on two sides.

Exercise 8:Make two medium-sized dots with some distance between them. Place a small dot in between. Paint walking dots from the center dot, one upwards and the other downwards in the opposite direction.

Exercise 9: Here we need to construct the centre line first. Make a big dot. Then, using different-sized tools, make a small dot above it and two dots bigger than each other above that. Now take three different size tools for walking dots. Use the smallest tool for the innermost walking dots and the second and third sizes for the outer walking dots. Make one dot beside the center line, then dip the tool again in the paint and do the walking dots. Otherwise, the paint will finish from the tool before you reach the bottom of the design.

Exercise 10:To create a swipe, make a bulky dot and drag it with a small sharp tool. Practice the curved swipe on the two sides of the straight swipe.

Exercise 11: This is also a nice pattern with two curved swipes around the dot and a small dot on top. Paint the straight and curved swipes above it.

Exercise 12:Make a bulky dot and drag it from both sides with a small sharp tool. You can paint the walking dots across it to create a beautiful design.

Hence, these are the twelve basic designs that will help you master the art of dot mandala painting. After mastering these, you can create new designs and paint them with multiple colors.

I will be back soon with the Mandala painting tutorial. Till then, remember: practice makes perfect.

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