What is a Brand Ambassador Partnership?

Just like partnerships you see on Instagram and other social networks, we’re looking to team up with influential ambassadors like you to promote DIYvinci and the art & craft community. When you work with DIYvinci, you can expect to get some pretty awesome perks in exchange for your time.

Requirements & Skills

Who are we looking for? If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

  • You own a homemade art/craft business or art/craft-related blog
  • Plus, your business has an active Facebook, Instagram, and/or Pintererst profile
  • You’re willing to promote DIYvinci through digital content, images, and video at least once per week
  • Creativity is practically your middle name, and you’re willing to learn new art and craft techniques
  • Learning new art and craft techniques keeps your creative world spinning and you love teaching others as well
  • You’re willing to participate in online crafting communities and host in-person community craft events
  • You’re totally up for agreeing to a 1-year partnership contract with DIYvinci
  • Are located in the USA or Canada.

Benefits & Earnings

So, what do you get for repping DIYvinci? Brand Ambassadors can expect to receive the following:

  • Free art & craft supplies for various projects
  • Ability to test out some new DIY kits before we launch them to the public
  • Personal shoutouts on DIYvinci social media
  • Your business listed and hyperlinked as an ambassador on our website
  • A brand ambassador badge in our DIYvinci Studio online community
  • Earn a % of sales from customers referred to and purchase from DIYvinci
  • A free shop with the “Entrepreneur” plan on DIYvinci Market for length of active partnership
  • Featured blog post about you or your business on DIYvinci.com & DIYvinci.Market