Poetic Painting


Here are my painting inspired from a poem written by an Indian Saint Kabirdasji. I have translated the poetry as follows :

“Even if I have the entire Earth as a paper,
quill made out of forest woods,
Plenty of ink from the seven oceans,
Still its impossible to write the glory of God”

Here is the step-by-step process of making an abstract painting from a poetry.

Step 1: Choose your favourite Poetry written by a poet or yourself.

Step 2: Highlight the nouns or words which suggest any object in the poem verse and list them. ( For example, I have Bold the words in my poetry written above)

Step 3: Take a plane paper and a pencil

Step 4: Creatively draw all those listed objects. Overlap each other and make a fantastic composition. Also, please pay attention that it makes visual sense according to the poetry.

Step 5: Get your preferred art medium, such as acrylic, watercolour or any other and paint the composition.

Hence, your abstract poetic painting is ready.

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