Acrylic Paint Types

Acrylic paint types list

What are the types of acrylic paint? 

Heavy Body: Is the thickest type of acrylic paint with a butter-like texture. It is great for retaining brush strokes, layering, palette knife painting, and quicker drying times compared to paint types like oil. 

Soft Body: Is a more creamy consistency compared to Heavy body, and allows for smoother application. This is great for mixing with multiple mediums and for detailed artwork. 

Acrylic Gouache: Is not the same as gouache (which are similar to watercolors), but have a self-leveling effect which minimizes brush strokes leaving a solid block of matte color. 

Fluid & Ink: Are the thinnest acrylic paints with a more “watery” consistency. These are prefect for glazing techniques or in use with the popular paint pouring techniques.  

Markers & Pens: Is the perfect blend of painting and drawing with “ink-like” consistency. These are often used for adding fine details to paints, illustrative work, or for painting on various materials like stones. 

What is your favorite type of acrylic paint?

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