Cute Disney Kids Costumes That You Can DIY at Home

A vacation to Disney World will be filled with memories to last a lifetime. It’s a time when children’s eyes light up with all of the magic around them. Little boys will want to emulate their favorite heroes, and little girls will want to be just like the princesses they see. The average family spends 3-5 days at Disney and buying costumes can get expensive. Here are some DIY costumes you can easily create to help your children feel magical without spending an arm and a leg. 

Carl from ‘Up’

There is nothing more darling than seeing a little boy dressed up as Carl from Up. Carl is a Disney character who tugged at a lot of people’s heartstrings, just like your costume is sure to do. Best of all, it’s super simple. All you need in order to land the perfect Carl costume is balloons, a grey button-up sweater, a bow tie, khaki pants, a walker, and tennis balls. What really makes the costume is brightly colored helium filled balloons which are tied to either your child or to the walker. The balloons are crucial because they encompass the whole movie. Finish your child’s look with grey hair dye that is safe for kids in order to recreate Carl’s older appearance.

101 Dalmatians

If you’re looking for simple yet adorable, go for a 101 Dalmatians costume. It’s perfect for both boys and girls. All you need is a white t-shirt and pants. You can then either draw or stick on black polka dots. Finish by cutting out dog ears on a piece of cloth and gluing them to a headband for your child to wear. When the costume is done, you can create a more dimensional look by drawing a nose and whiskers onto your child. This also makes a great family costume if you have multiple children who want to dress up as the beloved pups. Mom can even have fun by being Cruella Deville.  

Snow White

If your little girl is begging to be a Disney princess, consider dressing her up as Snow White. It’s one of the easiest costumes to recreate. All you need is a blue t-shirt and yellow skirt. A black wig, headband, and makeup is used to recreate her look. Finally, all you need is an apple to tell people exactly who you are. 

Taking the time to put together a costume for your child before going to Disney will make their experience at the park that much more special! While it will take a little extra planning and forethought, the effort will be worth it. 

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