Here Are 3 Ideas to Help You Take Your DIY Toolkit to the Next Level

Savvy crafters understand the need to stay organized. Solid organization starts with a DIY toolkit that includes everything that you need for all of your crafting needs. Here are three ideas to help you to take your DIY toolkit to the next level so that you can make the most of your crafting game.

Make Project Bags

There are many different approaches that you can take to organizing all of your tools with practical solutions. One approach is to make different bags of tools and essentials for each type of project. For example, one bag could hold all of your needlepoint tools and supplies, and another bag could be home to all of your scrapbooking materials. Keeping all of your tools organized according to purpose is an easy way to ensure that you will always have what you need for a specific project without having to hunt them down. It also makes it easy to bring your supplies to crafting workshops away from home.

Turn It Into a Tower

One of the biggest challenges of keeping all of your tools in order is space constraints. By going vertical with a tower of tools, you will free up more space while still ensuring that every item has a designated space. Because all of the levels are situated at differing heights, you will enjoy a full view of all of your essentials at one time. You can use foam for a tighter fit and to keep all your tools separate. There are a myriad of towers available, making it a snap to find the right product to fit the tools that you use the most.

Go Crazy With Bins

Storage bins make ideal compartments for storing all of your crafting tools. You can stack these bins on a shelf for a clean look. Use clear bins so that you can easily view what is inside without having to dig through piles of tools and supplies. You can also label the bins to further aid in the organization. Chalkboard labels make good labels because they can be changed easily as you rotate new tools into your stash. Inside the bins, you should include smaller compartments to house tiny items. Good storage solutions for your smallest tools and materials include clean baby food jars.

Take your crafting business or hobby to new levels with these three tips. You will appreciate the time that you save when everything that you need for your next project is right at your fingertips.

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