Summer 2017 Home Décor Trends

Summer is almost here. The days are getting longer and as the light creeps back into your home, you might be thinking to yourself, “when was the last time I updated anything in here?”

You may not have the time, patience or finances to completely make over your home but it’s simple to add a couple of updates that can completely transform a room.

Here are the top 5 home décor trends for summer 2017 to help inspire your DIY designs.


Pin by H&M

The pantone of the year is still going strong. Green is a great color to add some life into your home. Paint a wall or invest in a statement piece like an armchair in this cheerful hue.

Even just purchasing some new cushions or a throw for your sofa in this color can go a long way for the smaller budget.

Indoor Plants

Pin by Haarkon

And speaking of green, the jungle of indoor plants look is still popular. It’s super easy to add some greenery to your home. Our round hanging terrarium is the perfect home for succulents and cacti and doesn’t take up too much space.

Plant killer? No problem. They don’t have to be real. Check out our faux succulents for the perfect low maintenance solution.

Round Mirrors

Pin by The Lovely Drawer

Round mirrors are great for adding space to smaller homes and they are set to be a big seller. They don’t need to be a huge investment though.

Our 9 inch round mirror is perfect to hang in your hallway or in a guest bathroom. Spice it up by adding your own frame, feathers, twine, or wood pieces.

Farmhouse Style

Pin by Culture Trip

According to Pinterest, farmhouse style is set to be a huge trend this summer. Think weathered antiques, tin, chicken wire and cozy throws and blankets.

We’ve got the farmhouse trend covered in our store with our antique metal accessories and chicken wire memo board.


Pin by DezignUp

Copper is still the hottest metal in store and it is one of the easiest trends to add into your home. There are loads of copper accessories out there including our copper terrarium, which is ideal for house plants, candles or whatever you desire.

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