“Autumn Ablaze”

Here is my Acrylic Painting “Autumn Ablaze” done on Canvas size 11 x 14 inch.

On a beautiful autumn evening, just before sunset a bright golden yellow orange sunlight spread everywhere. A huge Oak tree in font of my house started shining like the gold. Below the tree, plants embellished with Fantasy like Snowberries and the frost on the road . Inspired from this sublime scenery I made painting “Autumn Ablaze”.

As a part of process, I initially made a collage using natural elements.

“The Autumn tree” collage painting done using many things collected from the garden, street, parks such as leaves, pampas grass, berries of Rowan trees, pine cones, huge green marble textured leaves of the money plant, Orange rose etc.

Now the artwork is decaying with its natural process just like the autumn goes away. Before it does, I have captured the impression of collage in my acrylic painting. For the painting I have also used the reference picture of the original scene. Hence, it carries an unique reality and abstraction.

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