How to draw an Eye

Step 1 : Draw a lemon shape

Step 2 : Draw a circle in the lemon

Step 3 : Draw small mini lemon in the circle

Step 4 : Draw half of a circle connecting on each side of the mini lemon

Step 5 : Color in the mini circle with black ( this will be your pupil)

Step 6 : On the outside of your pupil color the iris (see guide on where to color) which ever color you want 🙂 i colored mine blue

Step 7 : Add eye lashes on the top of your eye by flicking your pencil or pen in a upward motion ( Hint : It helps to flick your wrist while doing this )

Step 8 : Add details any kind of details you want it can be anything !

That’s one way to make an eye Thank you for drawing with me 🙂

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