Proportionate human figure Drawing

Creating a proportionate human figure involves using basic shapes like lines, circles, and cylinders as a foundation. Make the hands and legs in the form of cylinders. A cube indicating torso and oval for the face. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Begin by sketching a straight vertical centre line.
  2. Divide this line into 8 equal parts to establish the proportions.
  3. The first part is dedicated to the face. Draw a circle in this section and slightly extend it to form an oval shape.
  4. Move to the second part for the neck and shoulders.
  5. Allocate the 3rd and 4th parts for the chest and stomach.
  6. For the legs, use the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th parts. Position the knees in the middle of the 6th and 7th parts.
  7. In the 1st part, divide the circle into four equal parts. Eye lie on the horizontal diameter of the circle’s centre. The nose will extend nearly to the bottom of circle. Draw a triangle whose one end in the centre of two eyes and other two end at the bottom of circle parallel to each other. In this triangle, draw the nose. Lips would in the extended portion.
  8. Hands will extend from shoulders to the bottom of 5th portion. Elbow at the bottom of the 3rd partition

Visit my Insta reel link to get the clear idea:

By breaking down the figure into these simple steps, you can ensure a more accurate and proportional representation. Happy drawing! 🎨✏️

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