How to do hairstyles Pt 2 : How to draw Short Hair

Welcome back to another tutorial my friend <3 Let’s get started

Step 1 : Draw your hairline by starting a line in the middle of the head. The hairline could be straight or curvy depending on what type of short hair you want. Make sure your hair line goes all the way across to the sides of your head/ where the ears go.

Step 2 :  Above the hairline draw two curved lines. P.s it’s like outlining the top of the head :). The line should stop where about the ears go. Sometime if you want to cover your ears the line continues past it. Look at my character Meep on the side. See hoe the hair line goes behind the ears and continues at the bottom of the ears. On the examples highlighted in red the line goes in front of the ears. This brings us to Step 3.

Step 3 : From the two curved lines continue it all the way until the beginning of the neck. Begin to make curls by making small sharp “V” curves at the ends. These curls can go in many opposite directions.

Step 4 : Continue to draw the curls and connect them ( See example 4 for help). The curls sometime collide together. You can to this hairstyle with extremely short curly hair that stops at the ears too.

Stay tuned for next month tutorial I’m going to show you how I make hair realistic strands !!! 🙂

Thanks for drawing with me !!! Be sure to show me your artwork 😀 !

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