To make a showpiece from the seashells Step 1: Collect lots of small and some big seashells either from the store or from the seashore. Step 2 : To make a flower, gather same size of small seashells Step 3 : Arrange them in a circular pattern on a big shell. Step 4 : Stick […]

Hello,  Here are my painting inspired from a poem written by an Indian Saint Kabirdasji. I have translated the poetry as follows : “Even if I have the entire Earth as a paper,A quill made out of forest woods,Plenty of ink from the seven oceans,Still its impossible to write the glory of God” Here is the step-by-step process of making an abstract painting from […]

Hello, Here is my Digital Painting, “brush tree Mosaic” made from two old paintings. One oil painting of a brush tree. I merged it with another abstract painting inspired by Mosaic. The outcome was an outstanding unique artwork. An artist has many spare paintings where we experiment with new ideas. Now the time has come […]

To make a handmade portfolio, you need mount/hard board, colourful handmade paper, white paper, scissor, Paints, double-sided tape, photo of yourself, 2 inch Bob tape/ good quality tape, glittering pen, Gum/Fevicol. Step 1: Cut the 2 pieces of mount board in the size which is bigger than your artwork’s size. Then cut 1 piece for the […]

These two paintings are done with Oil paints on a 5 x 7 inch canvas. Here, we get the Original painting as a print from another painting. For this, I took two small canvas boards of size 5 x 7 inch. I applied a base layer of red colour on one canvas and Brown on […]

Here is a tutorial for a simple and fun craft project that you can do at home with just a few materials: Materials needed: Instructions: This is a simple and fun craft project that is perfect for kids or adults of all ages. You can get creative and come up with your own unique scenes […]

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